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Money Laundering & terrorist funding is a global challenge and a declared criminal activity in most countries. The U.A.E government also has promulgated Federal Law No.4criminalizing money laundering activities.

Under the aforesaid Federal Law, the U.A.E. Central Bank has issued Anti-MoneyLaundering Regulations which encompass the Forty Recommendations on combating Money Laundering and the Eight Special Recommendations on combating Terrorist Financing, issued by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) established by G7 countries.

Financial Institutions including Money Services providers licensed to operate in the U.A.E.are legally liable to comply with these regulations requiring but not limited to; due diligence checks, monitoring of financial transactions to detect and report possible money laundering transactions.

Sultan Al Thahab Exchange is operating under the authorized license granted by the Central Bank of the UAE. Under the macro objectives of the company, it would help improve the economic activities of the economy by providing excellent service to itsretail, corporate and institutional customers.

Sultan Al Thahab Exchange is fully committed to adhering to the local Laws and Regulations which reflect the relevant recommendations issued by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Basel Statement of Principles on preventing the utilization of the banking system for criminal purposes, issued by the Basel Committee.
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